What is Metaverse?

  • Next generation of Internet
  • The combination of physical world and virtual worlds
  • People can interact with each other in virtual worlds such as leisure, education, virtual commerce, banking etc.

Source: Samsung Asset Management (HK) Limited, as of 16 Jun 2022

How big is the market size of Metaverse?

  • Bloomberg intelligence expected the market size of Metaverse can reach up to USD800 billion by 2024.*
  • Ark Invest expected the revenue from virtual worlds could approach USD400 Billion by 2025, up from the approximate of USD180 Million in 2021.

*Source: : Bloomberg, as of 1 Dec 2021
Ark Invest data as of 01/26/2021; (corresponds to Ball Metaverse Virtual Platform and Content categories)

What kinds of sectors will be involving in Metaverse?

  • Augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR)
    • AR refers to a digitally enhanced version of the real world
    • VR refers to a virtual environment which is fully digitally immersive where the actual physical environment is “hidden”
  • Social media
    • Enable users to create digital content, communicate with each other and engage in digital interactions with other users
  • Online gaming
    • Covers the development and creation of the prototype, design and technical specifications and capabilities of the online game, as well as production of associated equipment and maintenance of the related platforms to facilitate consumption of the online games by players
  • Platforms
    • Third party vendors can use platforms to provide immersive digital and often three-dimensional simulations, environments and worlds for users and businesses to explore, create, socialise and participate in a wide variety of experiences
  • Devices
    • Enable or facilitate the operation of the Metaverse, such as semi-conductors, devices, processors, apps, equipment, servers, memory ICs, silicon products, foundry services and ancillary parts
  • Content
    • Involved in the creation and/or development of content, intellectual properties and applications which assist, facilitate and/or enable users to interact, work, play games, shop and/or engage in entertainment activities in the Metaverse
  • Digital transactions
    • Enable online commerce to take place
    • Enable digital payments to processed (such as decentralised finance)
    • Digital transaction platforms and services may be embedded or integrated into social media platforms and/or online games
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
    • such as content analysis as well as language and data processing

Source: Samsung Asset Management (HK) Limited, as of 16 Jun 2022

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