Samsung Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (“SAMHK”) is in the view that considering ESG factors during investment decision-making is no longer a choice but an essential requirement. SAMHK reflects ESG factors in processes, including product development, research, operations, and risk management, identifying opportunities and controlling risk to realize sustainable returns for the customers.

Climate issues have been one of the greatest concerns that global leaders have been tackling in recent years. Changes in weather conditions have become an imminent challenge to the natural environment, societies, people and inevitably the economy around the world. SAMHK considers that the financial sector has a more important role to play to contribute to a better environment. The promotion of the theme of ESG and green finance in recent years can be seen as the financial sector’s initiative to contribute to a green and low-carbon economy.

SAMHK acknowledges the influence of climate issues on investors and the investment portfolios under our management. We are committed to contribute to a green and low-carbon economy by considering climate risk factors in our investment decision making process.

For details of our climate risk policy, please refer to here